Sponsor a Four-Legged Team Member!

Dog Sponsorship’s Are almost ready!

 We appreciate all the support from the fans!

We know, we hear you…. it’s really the four legged athletes of Schroeder Mushing that have your heart! Now is your chance to show one canine that you are his or her BIGGEST fan! Join Nathan’s team by sponsoring a dog and helping them reach their full potential!

New this year – EVERY dog in the kennel is up for sponsorship! From the stars of the race team to the coming yearlings, we think every Schroeder dog is special and we know you do too!

Want to join the team? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the Meet the Team page and read all about the heroes of Team Schroeder. You can also use that page to see which dogs are still looking for a special friend!
  2.  Race Team = $300
  3. Choose your dog!
  4. Let us know who your favorite dog is! Send us an email at schroedermushing@gmail.com, use the “contact us” link above, or get in touch through our Facebook page.

To thank for your support, your pup will send you an awesome gift – a Schroeder Mushing t-shirt, a Go Dogs Go bracelet, a picture of themselves (your dog), and a special letter from Alaska! They will also make sure that their tech team gives you a shout out on Facebook, Twitter, and this page here!

Note: Previous year dog sponsors will be given first chance to sponsor their pal from last year!