How to Help

It takes a village to get the team to the starting line,

and we are so grateful for all of the support our fans have shown us!  



Please see the list below and let us know if you want to help us out with any of these items. Be sure to shoot us a message and let us know which item you are supporting!

Give One Dog A New Harness: $25
Give One A New Dog Collar: $10
Bootie the Team : $64
Buy a Tank of Gas : $60
Give the Musher A Meal: $ 20


Meat  –  $5 per 10 pounds
Dog food – $50 per bag
Vet wrap – $ 40 (for 25)
Booties – $1 per bootie
Dog jacket – $ 40
Medical Support ( medications, shots, wormer, vet bills) – $ any amount
Zalox ointment – $ 28 per bottle
Gloves: $ 10
Batteries: $ 10 (4 pack)
Brass lead clips: $ 4 dollars each

Gear Up with Schroeder Mushing Wear!

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