New Year Training Update!

15433767_568539806677111_8906467704483013325_nSnow conditions have been very mild to poor. We started training the week before Thanksgiving with the sleds as we received two feet of snow. Conditions were warm, we were happy with the snow…. and then it rained.   It rained just enough to get rid of the two feet of snow. Back on ATV’s we went. With a little luck, the temperatures dropped, swamps and lakes started to freeze and we received enough snow to return to the sleds. The trail was decent for 10 days and then with all the traffic from training, the trail got awfully fast. So, to play it safe, instead of hurting me or one of the dogs on these fast rough trails, we converted to using the snowmobile. I have been focusing on trying to put a core group of dogs, which has not been easy. They are all awesome. The week before Christmas we put 350 miles on in four days. The week after Christmas, we put on 400 miles in four days. I spend the New Year’s night celebrating, on the trail, two miles from home. I couldn’t quite make it back home before midnight, I arrived back at 12:06. My goal was 11:59.
The dogs will be off for 5-6 days after putting on nearly 800 miles in less than 12 days.15823211_393229231026559_1993775887704012129_n Drop bags are starting to be organized.  They are due to ship on the 21st of January from Pine City to Washington and then on a barge to Anchorage. The cost to ship this is $200 per pallet, we have to get 2 there. Anyone want to be the Shipping sponsor?!?!?
We have three dogs left up for sponsorships: Nala, Kenia, and Snip.  We have a dozen checkpoints and some miles left too.
Beargrease is right around the corner, as far as number 5, we will have to see. My focus has been more on the Iditarod instead of the Beargrease. But you never know, the dogs might decide that they want it.
We are hopefully going to be having another meet and greet at the Green Mill on Friday, More to come on that.

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