Training with Nathan – Guest Post

Nathan recently had a special visitor to the kennel, Junior Musher Julia Cross. We asked her to be a guest blogger and tell us about her day training with Nathan!  Thanks for the great story Julia!

Training with Nathan

By: Julia Cross14573037_533772756820483_8317148763370102448_n

A couple weeks ago I went to Nathan’s to pick up a dog. I also got to go for a training run with his Iditarod team!! On our way there, we got lost, and had to call Nathan to get better directions!! But we eventually made it to his kennel only a couple minutes late!! We went inside and he and my dad talked fishing for a while. We eventually went outside and started harnessing dogs. We took 16 dogs, with Sheriff and Buffy in lead. It was very exciting to see Buffy in lead; two years ago I went to his kennel and helped name a bunch of yearlings. I helped name Buffy’s litter, and one other litter. Once all the dogs were hooked up we took off, and went straight for the big puddle. It was really deep but it was awesome. We went through a bunch of fields and saw a couple of pheasants. All the dogs were doing phenomenal. We went through the big puddle several more times. We then went on a bush trail and saw lots of hunters. The sad thing was all the garbage on the trail. It was everywhere. We also saw a fresh pile of white feathers from something a hunter had shot. It was getting warm so we started the journey back. Nathan brought the team down a road so I could see the Mississippi. He then did a U-Turn just telling the dogs commands!! It was awesome!!

Eventually we got back to the kennel, and just in time as it was getting very warm. Nathan told me to water the dogs, and so I watered the 16 we ran, and I had to water the rest of the dogs as well. After, I got to feed all the dogs. We unhooked the team after they were all done eating. And after that I cleaned the yard. I visited with every dog while doing that. It was awesome. After doing all the dog chores we talked for a bit and then we had to give the dogs some fresh straw. We gave all the dogs straw and quite a few jumped right in and curled up. Some pulled all the straw out. It was very amusing.

Nathan had a barrel that he needed to get into the puppy’s pen, so I went to move it. When I lifted it, a giant wolf spider crawled out and I screamed. I hate spiders. Nathan chuckled at me and came and helped me move it but I was very cautious of where I put my hands!!

When everything was done, we talked dogs, and I picked up my new dog Diablo. I had an incredible time and learned a lot!!

Watch out Iditarod!! You have some competition!!!


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