Fall Training Update!

Fall training is going well, we are putting on as many miles as we can, weather dependent. It has been warm. The dogs are looking strong and getting in shape quickly. They are up to 20+ miles in a run. We are hoping to start camping out and mimicking rest stops/checkpoints soon. We might even have a “rest stop” at home to prep everyone for the race trail. There are lots of up and coming leaders: Buffy, Donald, Mickey, Goofy, Bernie, Maple, Freezer, Frozen, and Grizzly; so we will have a great future to work with! The seasoned dogs are also doing awesome. Sheriff, Filmore, Lightning, Miss Sally are the “fab four.” Bandit and Google are also doing really well; they are super excited to run and ready to go even at the end of the trail. Bambie and Pippi are also coming up really well. These sister have some serious leadership skills. Snip and Snag are getting there; sometimes those boys take longer to mature! We have a great system of trails that are dry, so we have to do a lot of big loops to circle back to our “spa treatment” to cool off. We have to stop often to water the dogs. We carry a bucket of water with us all the time. We are exploring some new trails and hope to get some options when we have cooler temps.  We are ,of course, looking forward to ice on the river and snow on the trails!

Planning for the race schedule is hard and unpredictable. We are looking at the Mail Run, Beargrease, UP 200 and of course the Iditarod. We are already hard at work sorting and counting booties, meal prepping, checking off supplies needed and getting the bins organized and ready to go.

Want to help the team hit the trail this season? What’s your favorite part of racing? The trail? The checkpoints? The dogs? Learn more about how to help the team this season here!

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