Winter Update!

Hi Race Fans!

A quick update on what Nathan and the team are up to now that winter finally seems to have arrived!

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Nathan is continuing to do fifty mile training runs. He has been clearing trails at the same time. The river isn’t quite ready to be safe to run on yet, but he has found a way to get the miles on the dogs without relying on the river. He’s been running two 10-dog teams every other day.

 It has been cold! It’s getting down to 25 below!

The plans for the Iditarod are on track.  We are still looking for sponsors, it is not too late: click here for details! We are getting the drop bags ready, they need to be shipped out next week. Nathan is cutting the dog food and will have it packaged this week and ready to ship.
He is also preparing for the Beargrease!   We need to get the gear packed for the musher and handlers as well as the dogs.  He is looking forward to returning to the Beargrease!  Nathan is not sure what team he is bringing yet – young dogs or veterans?  There is a fund raiserJanuary 29th at the Greenmill in Duluth. Be sure to check it out as a kickoff to Beargrease that start that weekend!

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