Weekend Update!

Schroeder Mushing had a busy weekend!

On Saturday, the team did a wonderful 40 mile training run! With no snow, it’s getting harder to train.  The lack of snow is tough on the dogs’ feet and makes it harder to prepare for racing. The dogs use different muscles to pull a four wheeler or truck than they do to pull a sled.  The good news is – with all the rain, they stay cool running!

Grizzly is still looking good.  Achillies and Miss Sally are working hard to train the younger ones. Nathan really likes Nala and Buffy, he thinks they will do really well. Goofy is also doing really well at leader. Some of the dogs are sore and require some extra attention, it is easy to pull or strain muscles with ice and no snow. We are keeping an eye on them and making sure they don’t need a break, medication, or massages. Making sure they have good food and a warm bed when they get home is important too! Achillies, Nala, Buffy and Goofy are still looking for sponsors for this season! Check out the How To Help Page for details!

On Sunday Schroeder Mushing hosted wonderful fundraiser at the Moose in Grand Rapids. Thank you for all the support! It is greatly appreciated. The silent auction was a great hit! Thank you also to everyone who donated baked goods, door prizes, & auction items!!  We actually sold out at the bake sale! A special thank you to Kerry Nelson, Toni Pugsley, Deanna Whirley, & Katelyn Slettom for all their hard work!! They worked super hard to make everything come together!

Still looking for a last minute holiday gift! Check out our gift sponsorship ideas!

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