Looking for a Great Gift Idea?

Do you know someone who loves Schroeder Mushing?


Are you looking for a unique and personalized gift?

Imagine your special someone’s face when they learn that you have given a Schroeder Mushing Sponsorship in their name!

Choose a dog, checkpoint, or race leg to sponsor and let us know your pick! We will provide you with a personalized certificate to print, wrap up, and present to you favorite someone! On the website, we will indicate that your chosen dog, checkpoint, or race leg has been reserved, but we won’t post the sponsor’s name until after the first of the year so as to not ruin the surprise! Once the sponsorship has been announced, the regular sponsorship goodies will kick in!

Don’t forget, we also have newly designed sweatshirts that would make wonderful gifts as well!

For more details on our the available sponsorships click here.

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