Weekend Update!

32This weekend, Nathan hooked up 32 (!) dogs and ran 38 miles!  Special thanks to Brett who helped run dogs and do some yard work!

grizzley0Grizzly was a stand out – running in lead and doing great! Nathan says, “He is going to do really great things this year!” Grizzly is still waiting for someone to sponsor him!  Do you want to help this amazing athlete this season? You can find all the details here.

The team is slowly increasing their miles.  Last week they were averaging 20-30 miles a run, and this weekend increased it to thirty-eight.  They need snow!  Get your snow dances revved up for them fans!  The dogs have pretty sore feet from the gravel and hard icy snow.  Nathan is using zinc ointment and rest (a day off) to help heal the pads.

Last week all the dogs got their shots so that they are up to date for the race season.

The dogs, just like human athletes, get sore muscles when they exercise and their muscles grow. Sometimes Nathan gives them Metacam to help with the soreness. Also, like human athletes, the dogs need to eat after a run! Nathan has been giving them snacks of fatty meat and even bones. The team is thankful for the donations from Northwoods Custom Meats in Remer, Minnesota.

The big races are right around the corner!  And it looks like the team is well on their way to the starting line!

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